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At first: what is a scale good for? Simply said, it contains all the "allowed" notes of a song. Even without knowing anything about music theory you will hear if someone plays (or sings!) wrong - if he plays a note which does not belong to the right scale. The hard way to find out which notes are allowed is to play them all and listen. Others have done this before and found some interesting things about it - there are general rules which can be used for every song.
There are two characteristic things that determine a scale: the starting note (called root) and the interval between the notes. The starting note determines the key - for this song it is the note E, also the lowest open string of our guitar. The interval determines the sound, mood or feeling of the scale. A minor scale sounds sad, a major scale happy - even for someone without any background in music theory. That's a good thing - a good solo has enough feeling that you don't need to be a musician to understand. If we play the E minor pentatonic scale with its 5 notes (E-G-A-B-D) it looks in tab like:
E I---------------------0-3-I
B I-----------------0-3-----I
G I-------------0-2---------I
D I---------0-2-------------I
A I-----0-2-----------------I
E I-0-3---------------------I

E minor pentatonic scale

C Blues scale
C - Eb - F - Gb - G - Bb - C

G Blues scale
G - Bb - C - Db - D - F - G

D Blues scale (Down - Up - Top)
D - F - G - Ab - A - C - D

A Blues scale
A - C - D - Eb - E - G - A

E Blues scale
E - G - A - Bb - B - D - E

B Blues scale (Down - Up - Top)
B - D - E - F - F# - A - B

F# and Gb Blues scales
F# - A - B - C - C# - E - F#
Gb - A - B - C - Db - E - Gb

Db and C# Blues scales
Db - E - Gb - G - Ab - B - Db
C# - E - F# - G - G# - B - C#

Ab Blues scale (Down - Up - Top)
Ab - B - Db - D - Eb - Gb - Ab

Eb Blues scale
Eb - Gb - Ab - A - Bb - Db - Eb

Bb Blues scale
Bb - Db - Eb - E - F - Ab - Bb

F Blues scale (Down - Up - Top)
F - Ab - Bb - B - C - Eb - F

A blues scale is nothing more than a minor pentatonic scale with an added note. That added note is sometimes referred to as the "blue note". That particular note creates a certain amount of tension that is a common sound in the blues.

Below is a Minor Pentatonic scale


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C Blues Progression MP3

Major Pentatonic scale played over a Blues Progression.

Half way through MP3 you solo...