C# Tuning ....Take the D string and tune a half step down in pitch to C#.......then Barre with index finger across all 6 strings... to these frets....

open, 5th, open, 7th,6th,5th, open, 1st(grand finalle), open...then take a bow!!!...thank you,thank you!!!!

Example C Sharp Tuning

C - A7 - D7 - G7 - C- C - C7 - F - Fm - C..... C-Blues

Key of E 12 Bar Style


Key of E 12 Bar Style MP3

slant your guitar at an angle for below figures(haha)


Below scale and chord Blues

Scale and chord Blues MP3



Below Holding and scales Blues

Holding and scale Blues MP3

Vit E Blues MP3'S

Walking bass line and melody

Bass and melody 1

Bass and melody 2

Below Bass line

Below Melody

Below Bassline and Melody

Below forming the chord