Below...Play your Blues Minor Pentatonic scale to practice these...start off on the third fret E string if its in G...seventh fret if its in B...Fifth fret if its in A....

Slow blues in G MP3

Blues in B MP3

Hi Bounce in G MP3

Slow G MP3


E penta MP3


And I love Her(Beatles) Chords

Gm Dm

Gm Dm

Gm Dm

A# C7

F Gm

Melody...Solo Part



Power Chord Chart

Learn your E and A string chromatic notes..

The power chord name comes from the root

note or where your index finger starts the power

chord. Look above at the A power chord, see

how the E string is on fret 5...that = A.





Pick a chord or chord progression. Now strum..

Down...Down up...Up Down Up...slow and

then speed up... here is an example




Jam chords and practice scales