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wonderful tonight PDF file

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4 chord thing video

greend start video

Aint no sunshine video

Landslide style video 1

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Minor Blues Scale video

Cocaine(Clapton tune) video

Smooth mix rythym Here are the chords

A ,F#m, D, E, A, F#m, D, E and repeat

Smooth Mix rythym2 Here are the chords

A, G, D, A, A, G, D, A and repeat

Smooth mix rythym3 Here are the chords

C, Em, Dm, G, C, Em, F, G and repeat

Smooth mix rythym4 Here are the chords

Am, Dm, Em, Am and repeat

Smooth mix rythym5 Here are the chords

Dm, Gm, Dm, Am, Dm, Gm, Dm, Am and repeat

F Sharp Jam