Care and items for your Guitar

Gig bag’s are good for a quick cover for travel but not so safe although lightweight…

The hard shell case has a nice cushion and form fitting case so that it doesn’t move around inside the case and also protect’s it from falling or something falling on it… This case protect’s it from kids, and pets and acts as a great storage place when not being played.

Everyone needs a cloth for cleaning your guitar….wipe it down with this cloth or many others…like a micro fiber cloth… after playing your guitar to keep the oils off…. Next is a cleaner and polish product lots of brands…stick with major brands like fender, gibson dunlop…etc. pump is great spray it on rub it in and let it dry a minute and wipe off and buff…. about every few 2 or 3 months .

Lemon oil for your fretboard is great…it will restore the wood to it’s natural state….. use this perhaps every 2 years if you play a lot and notice wear and tear color change in wood.(your oil from your fingers  messing up the wood).

A tuner so you can tune your guitar. get a tuner that is chromatic… it has sharp’s and flat’s . or it will be labled C for chromatic…you should really shop around for tuners this one is $2.99….never pay more than $20…..this one has a great feature….on….off…. and setting for chromatic or open chord….very east to use …clip on head stock turn it on strike a string and it will tell you if you are sharp or flat from the center of the screen….

Hang your guitar up on the wall when your not playing….up from pet’s and kids reach and easy grab for you to keep the floor clear… also easy to install you don’t have to look for studs in wall easy instructions.

Below are my go-to strings….every one should experience the sound you like best because one brand of strings 10 people might like and 50 people don’t like at all…its all about you and a pack of strings won’t break the bank..$5.00 or $7 all depends on where you buy things at….

A string winder will help your wrist remember you have 6 strings…..

now the length of time you keep strings on is up to you…but experiment …if you notice a color change one your string at certain places or seperation… change your strings. 

If you have had your strings on for a long time and one string breaks…if you just replace that one string…you will have 5 mellow sounding strings and one crispy sounding one….it will sound bad….just replace all 6 strings…..