a pentatonic scale of G is used to fill into this song
Roll in My Sweet Baby's Arms

I [G]ain't gonna work on the railroad
I ain't gonna work on the [D]farm
Gonna [G]lay 'round this shack till the [C]mail train comes back
And [D]roll in my sweet baby's [G]arms

Roll in my sweet baby's arms
Roll in my sweet baby's arms
Gonna lay 'round this shack till the mail train comes back
And roll in my sweet baby's arms

Where were you last Saturday night
While I was lying in jail
You were out walking the street with another man
Wouldn't even go my jail

Mama was a beauty operator
Sister could weave and spin
Daddy's got an interest in an old cotton mill
Watch that money roll in

I know your parents don't like me
They run me away from your door
If I had my life to live over again
I wouldn't go back there no more

Scale of C Major