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Aloha Oe
Coconut Grove
Hey Good Lookin
Lei Nani
Lovely Hula Hands
Mack The Knife
Morning Has Broken
My Little Grass Shack
Pearly Shells
Sea Of Love
Sweet Georgia Brown
Tonight You Belong To Me
Stairway To Heaven
Unknown Russian Tune
Wish You Were Here
You Belong To Me
Mr. Bojangles
Another brick in the wall
California dreaming
City of New Orleans
Hey Jude
In My Life
Somewhere over the rainbow
Sunny Afternoon
Dear Prudence
Georgy Girl
Hey Soul Sister
I can see clearly now
Verse 1:

[C]Somewhere [Em]over the rainbow
[F]Way up [C]high
[F]There's a [C]land that I heard of
[G7]Once in a lulla[C]by

Verse 2:

[C]Somewhere [Em]over the rainbow
[F]Skies are [C]blue
[F]And the [C]dreams that you dare to
[G7]Dream really do come [C]true


Some [C]day I'll wish upon a star
And [G7]wake up where the clouds are far be[F]hind me
Where [C]troubles melt like lemondrops
A[G7]way above the chimney tops
That's [Am]where you'll [F]find me

Verse 3:

[C]Somewhere [Em]over the rainbow
[F]Bluebirds [C]fly
[F]Birds fly [C]over the rainbow
[G7]Why then, oh why can't [C]I?

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Yankee Doodle
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