Have you ever had to spend a day at a parking lot?

Watching drivers come and go and people doing the most silly things...like circle the lot until the perfect parking spot opens up,sometimes for 10

minutes or so. The cross country driver, which parks way out in the back 40...The got to back in or bust. The unaware with the gas hose still

dangling from the car..and the ultimate car with the gas cap on car. Blinkers in parking lot when no one is around.Curb crunchers.

Now comes the funny stuff

Men, depending on what kind of vehicle they drive will get out with chest fully extended, starting to strut while looking around to see if someone

is looking at him because of his ride. when he see's no one is looking his chest shrinks back down and his walk go back to normal...

Then there is the people who come out of the store, get to there car and relize that they forgot their stuff in the store...Then there is the shopping cart

people, some will walk the cart to the return cart area, some will bulldozer it in and some will bowl it from 10 feet or so, some ride the cart. or pull

People getting in their cars will hop in or the slow scoot down the seat, some will use butt first legs second or all in one swoop or the one leg in butt

then second leg then door. the jump and ploop.