Practice your strumming. Listen …but the count to try in each measure is 1 and 2 and  making sure that the root note is heard at the start of count.

 Hap/Key of F#m/100 BPM    

  1368/Key of F/100 BPM

  145/key of F/70 BPM

 2479/Key of Gb/100 BPM

  8361/Key of C/100 BPM

 Aaagh/Key of A/100 BPM

  Baby Hummer/Key of F/120BPM

 CDFG/Key of C/100 BPM

 Chord Prog/Key of Am/100BPM

 DBmEmA/Key of D/100BPM

 DBmGA/Key of D/100BPM

 DABm/Key of D/100 BPM