My PDF books are easy to understand.They are short and single subject so you can learn more and faster. Other music instruction online try to put all info into everything which makes learning less and a longer time.

For decades I have told people that when you learn music it is ok to learn a few favorite songs. This way you understand verse,chorus,tempo,what key you are in and scales,fingerpick and strumming. These are the basic subjects. Once learned you can start to put your own spin and make you stand out even more(a good thing).Every famous band or solo artist has put a spin on what they do best.People can see and study how other people write their own songs, but just to learn. Playing someone else’s song does not make you an artist,musician or anything but playing your song will. These building blocks from the start allows you to learn.

Example: A person that has spent 30 years in a orchestra contacted me and said they need to get something new, something they don’t know and needs filling in. We sat down and I asked for them to play something for me so I can see what stands out.... well They said we didn’t bring in the sheet music with them. I said ok play me a Gm chord progression...nope didn’t know that either.That sent me a thought that they sight read only and if no sheet music in front of them they are lost. That was the case so I taught them all the missing gaps ...now knowing to sight read helped because little light bulbs went off frequently it was great to see them understand and fill in fast.Remember,play your own stuff.