Power Chords

 F note

 C note

Power chords and how to play.

 F note

 F Power Chord

 E and A string are your 2 strings that  a Power Chord starts the naming for the chord.

Different places to play power chords

Fret #

 The E string and the Chromatic scale and the same shape for all chords. The above F Power chord, see the first fret now that is an F note and makes a F power chord. note there is 2 F notes and the second note is a C note. Now place that same shape starting it at the 3rd fret. look at chromatic scale below and 3rd fret e string is a G note=    G power chord…now if you start on the A string and 3rd fret you have a C power chord. also no matter what these power chords are 3 notes just like in the chart. these are the only strings you strum just 3…

Blank mini grid
chromatic scale for guitar.

 Place your Power Chord on the 8th fret down strike 4 times then move it to 3rd fret and downstroke 4 times then 6th fret and downstroke 4 times then 1st fret and 4 down strikes. now what did we just do?

fret 8 = C and 3 = G and 6 = A# and 1 = F….so 8,3,6,1 = C,G,A#,F …. now this is from the E string Chromatic scale. remember the E string and the A string are the only 2 strings that make a power chord although there is 3 notes for the Power Chord that 3rd note is a duplicate.Now you are armed with that info…. let’s take a mix of those 2 strings for power chords. lets stay on the first 3 frets now and do the same notes. C,G,A#,F….

 C= 3rd fret A string

 G= 3rd fret E string

 A#= 1st fret A string

 F= 1st fret E string