String, Strings, Strings…. When you go online or go to a music store you face a huge wall of strings and ask yourself ok what kind do i want or need or try this time.

 How often do you need to change your strings? Once a week…very heavy string bender or hours a day strumming. Once a month….or even a few months lots of playing, lots….6 months is most people. Something to look at is open tuning, and that is done by loosening the strings or tighten  many time will stretch the strings to the unraveling point. …. look for dark spots or strings losing the wind.

  The diameter of strings are for your type of playing. E string starting with a number 8  and 42 for the big fat E string is a light. 10 to 46 is regular light.

 You can find the diameter you are looking for and custom make a set also. Now your guitar and your fingers and the type a music you play will set your diameter. Experiment with different strings most are only $5 or 6 dollars so it won’t break the bank. 

 Strings are made in different ways .Some are Round wound and some are flat wound and some half round wound, some nickel some Bronze and some even have a teflon coating called nano coating, some Electric some acoustic. One thing to mention some string have a ball end and some loop-end and a tie(no end). it all depends on the bridge of your guitar.

 Ball end

 no end (tie)

 Loop end